Andrea Joy Photography is holding a charity event designed especially for the enjoyment of Special Needs Children. ‘Snow For Smiles’ is a Photography Session that will be shot on a specially created outdoor set where it snows for the children to enjoy as their reactions are being photographed. Their responses are typically amazing and incredibly heartwarming.


Snow For Smiles is dedicated in memory of Andreas late Aunt Brittany Joy who had Down syndrome and passed away August of 2019, to honor her joyful life Andrea is inviting you to spread the Joy by participating in the Snow For Smiles Sessions!


Andrea Joy is sponsoring a total of 8 sessions for the first families that sign up. In an effort to not disappoint the dozens of Special Needs Kids that might otherwise miss out, Andrea is inviting locals and business owners to spread the Joy by sponsoring the Special Needs Children left on the waiting list. They are also free to choose their own child to sponsor.




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