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I have been shooting professionally since 2009 when I stumbled into my gift as I photographed my newborn son. When you work with me I will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable, confident, and bring out the beautiful you I know is there! Thinking out of the box and trying new things fuels my passion. I take advantage of natural shadow & light to create dramatic flair that will impact an image of you and still excite you years from now. I love photographing newborns, individuals & families because no two people are ever alike. I love discovering what makes you YOU and capturing it forever as a beautiful piece of art. I am a wife and mother to two adorable kids, and without that experience, I wouldn’t be the photographer I am today, it has equipped me with patience and empathy for my clients. I know when to pull out the bubbles & treats when a toddler needs a little smile and I also have an eye for romance, tender moments, genuine laughs and the joyous adventure of being a parent, meltdowns, frowny faces and all! Head on over to my contact page, shoot me a message and let’s turn your dreams of artistic and stunning photography into a reality!




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Based in Greenville, South Carolina

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